Oh hi there! If you’ve found yourself reading this, you may well be in a place where you are counting your calories, worrying about what to and not to eat, and tracking every minute workout (if not, it doesn’t count, right?).

I used to be there too! I would never go out running without a watch on, and yes, I was one of those people who paused said watch every time I had to stop at a traffic light…

But now, I’m a lot freer when it comes to both exercise and food, and here’s why: 


Life’s no fun when you’re freaking out over the numbers! 


Seriously! There is SOOOO much information out there about diets and exercise, that it can become super overwhelming when it comes to working out what’s best for our own bodies.

When it comes to food, if you’re feeling anxious about eating something “bad”, or not knowing how many calories something has, you may think you’re being super healthy and only putting “good” foods into your body, but have you thought about the detrimental effect that’s having on your mental health? 

Same goes with exercise. Sticking rigidly to a plan when you’re exhausted, overtraining, or stressing out when you can’t fit a workout in can lead to injury. As can doing exercise that doesn’t feel right in your body, but you do it anyway because you feel you “should” (and then end up hating exercise on top of everything else!).

That’s why, as a Personal Trainer, Yoga Teacher and Health Coach, I love taking a look at the big picture, and then helping my clients learn to love and respect their bodies and have a healthy relationship with food and exercise.


What does that look like? 


It means eating in a way that nourishes and fuels your body, without feeling like you have to eat foods you don’t enjoy, or give up foods you love. 


It means doing workouts you enjoy to help your body be fit and strong, and achieving your goals without getting burned out.


And it means resting when you need to, learning about mindfulness, meditation and yoga to reduce your stress and improve your sleep.

If you feel like you’re ready to relax your rigid approach to health, and get more connected with your own body, here are a few things to get you started: 


  1. Make a list of the foods you love, and foods you don’t like. Challenge yourself to eat something you love but wouldn’t normally eat, or stop eating something “healthy” that you think tastes like poo.
  2. Skip tracking a workout! Just one, I dare you! Tracking can be beneficial if done in a relaxed manner, but if you can’t go out for an easy jog without switching on a watch, give this one a go!
  3. If all your workouts are high intensity, try switching one for a yoga class like this stress reducing class available on my YouTube channel! 


I hope you find these tips helpful! If you feel you need a little more help in finding out what happy and healthy living looks like for you personally, click here to see my services and apply for a free 30 minute consultation to see if I can help you out!


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