Wednesday 22nd April was International Mother Earth Day, so today I’m talking about being in nature. 


There’s a growing body of evidence that shows that being in nature works wonders for our mental and physical health. Researchers believe it can help memory, boost your mood, aid concentration, reduce stress levels and strengthen your immune system, among other things.


Not only this, but getting out in the sunlight also gives us vitamin D, which supports nervous and immune system health, as well as promoting healthy bones and teeth. As little as 15 minutes of exposure a day can be all you need to get the required amount – though that’s easier said than done in countries like England where I live! 


Right now, we’re in an unprecedented situation where we can’t go outside as much as we’d like to. It’s certainly making me feel even more grateful for Mother Earth, and one positive I am taking from all this is that she is getting space to breath right now. Think of how many less cars are on the roads, how many less boats are in the water, how many less planes are in the sky, how many less factories are sending pollution into the air. Of course, I know that all these things are having a profound effect on humanity, but at the same time our precious earth is having some space to breathe and to heal.


As I write this, we are allowed to go outside to exercise in England. This is a blessing I treasure daily, as well as being fortunate enough to have a garden where we can get out of the house and enjoy some fresh air. I know that I certainly appreciate those moments far more these days, and look forward to a time when we can go out again freely to enjoy our surroundings. 


If you can’t go outside right now, maybe you’re isolating or in a country that has stricter rules than ours, know that you will be allowed to again. This is all temporary, and in time shall pass. Despite being able to go outside now, I know that when the restrictions are lifted, I’ll appreciate the great outdoors even more, so I hope you can look forward to that time too. 


So I just wanted to say thank you to our Mother Earth. I hope that we all are humbled by this experience, and learn to love our planet that little bit more, showing her a bit more kindness, when this is all over. She has let us live here, to build homes and towns and cities. She gives us all these amazing health benefits when we slow down enough to spend some quality time with her. But at the end of it all, we are just her guests; she is flourishing without us getting in the way. So although times are tough, I am feeling very grateful to the world we live in right now, and feeling happy that she is getting a chance to thrive.


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