Yesterday was International Dance Day, and if you know me at all, you’ll know that I love getting people active in all sorts of ways, so in today’s post I’m inspiring you to get your dancing feet on by sharing some of the benefits of having a boogie! 


It feels great!


We’ve got to start with the obvious – dancing is a serious mood booster! Exercise alone can boost endorphins (happy hormones), but moving to your favourite tunes can lift your spirits even more! Now, I don’t believe I’m a great dancer, so dancing in public is not something that makes me feel happy! But, if you’re like me and are a little shy of doing it in public, I highly recommend sticking on your favourite song and having a solo dance party at home from time to time! 


Better connection with your body


That leads me nicely onto my next point which is all about getting better acquainted with your own body. Regular exercise can help you feel more present in the body, but in my personal opinion, dancing is a much more personal experience. It gives you an opportunity to stop worrying about exactly what you’re doing, and just get into your body, move to the music and move with feeling. And unless you’re being forced to go to a dance class that you hate, dancing can be a lot more fun than exercise too, which is often more about punishing your body rather than celebrating and enjoying it.


Creative Expression


Similarly, you can get creative through dance and allow your body and soul to take over. With regular exercise, you generally need to have structure and a plan, and perform exercises correctly and safely. Now, of course you need to make sure you’re safe when you’re dancing, and at a class you may be learning a routine, but you can be so much more creative! Even if you’re copying the move from the teacher, you’re still injecting it with your own personality and expressing yourself in a way that’s truly unique! 


A great form of exercise


Of course, as well as all these creative, expressive benefits, let’s not forget that dancing is a wonderful form of exercise as well. It’s definitely going to get your heart pumping, not to mention improve your coordination, balance, flexibility and strength! 




Finally, when we are allowed to socialise again, dancing is a great way to meet new people! It can be hard to make friends as an adult sometimes. Being friends with the people you work with is great, but they’re not always going to have a great deal in common with you. Starting a dance class that you enjoy is a great way to make new connections with people on your wavelength, so if you’re looking for a sociable activity as well as a great form of exercise, give dancing a go! 


I hope this post has inspired you to give dancing a go! There are tonnes of dance routines to learn on youtube, or you can just pop your favourite tunes on and get lost in the music for a bit! And when we are allowed back outside again, maybe finding a local dance class would be a great way to get active and enjoy connecting with other people again! 


For now, I’m going to go and put some ABBA on….


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