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Want to work with your body and create a life of your dreams, but have no idea where to start?

Can You Relate To These Questions?

Are you feeling stuck?

Feel like you lack purpose?

Are you struggling to know what to eat?

No idea how often to exercise?

Are you fed up with your job?

Lacking enthusiasm or drive?

Do you hate your body?

Are you feeling disconnected?”

I Hear You. I’ve Been There.

I understand how awful it feels.

I can also tell you there’s a way out.

I’ve invested in coaching, I’ve done the training, I’ve read the books and done the research. I healed myself and now I’m living my best life, and now I’ve put together my signature program to help you live your best life too!

Learning to accept and love your body, eat and move intuitively and align with your true purpose (which isn’t actually losing weight!) is a hard process.

It takes a lot of work and will have its ups and downs, but I have created my coaching program to make the entire journey as easy and fun as it possibly can be!

If you’re seriously ready to ditch dieting forever, get clear on your true purpose in life and you’d like a premium level of support and cheerleading to help you get there, my V.I.P 1:1 coaching is the perfect choice for you!

How Does It Work?

Step One:

We have a 30-minute chat about whether my coaching is right for you. This call is no commitment and 100% free. I want us both to feel confident that we are a perfect fit, and if you’re not happy, that’s totally fine!

Step Two:

Once we’ve established that we’d love to work together, you’ll make your payment for the program and gain access to the online content, which is delivered weekly. I’ll also hand pack a box of goodies for you and get it shipped so you can start your transformational journey with a little luxury!

Step Three:

You’ll book in for your 12 sessions, one a week, for the duration of the program. These sessions are 50 minute long video calls, which give you chance to dive deeper into any of the topics you are working on throughout the program, or talk about anything else you need support with!

Step Four:

You make your way through the program week by week, we work together in our weekly calls and you can contact me any time by whatsapp and email over the 12 weeks for a truly transformative experience!

Are You Ready To Change Your Life?

I’d love to chat with you and see if this program’s the perfect choice for you!

Due to the highly personal experience, I offer my V.I.P clients, I have limited spaces available.

Apply for a FREE 30-minute discovery session now to get started as soon as possible!

What You Will Receive As A V.I.P Coaching Client:

My full transformational True You coaching program, including downloadable video and audio training, PDFs, guided meditations and workbooks – (Worth £397!)

3 months free access to my online yoga studio (worth £60)

12 x 50-minute private 1:1 video coaching calls with me

Exclusive unlimited text and email support for the duration of the program

Hand-packed box of goodies to start your journey with a little luxury

Free access to my closed facebook community

Total Investment: £997 or

3 Payments Of £399

Client Love & Feedback

“Before I started working with April, I was feeling pretty down on myself, I had recently had 2 back problems which meant my physical activity had taken a backstep, plus I was unhappy with the way my body looked! I felt like crap! I felt like all my clothes were too tight, and I couldn’t enjoy the things I loved, like going out for a meal or some drinks! 
This was the first time I’d ever worked with a coach, so I was worried about having to say my worries and concerns out loud! However, I loved working with April because she has a very calming influence and never made me feel bad! There was never any judgement, plus she really knows what she’s talking about! The highlights were our weekly sessions, but also rediscovering some passions like painting! 
My main concerns were food, body and activity, and all of these, as well as my mindset towards them, have improved during our work together! And because of this improvement, I now feel more positive towards them. I can now not feel guilty about going out for dinner with my friends. 
I can look in the mirror and like what I see. Exercise is less of a chore, and I feel calmer overall. My outlook seems to have changed, although I was a positive person before, I no longer worry about things that simply do not matter in the grand scheme of things! I’m hopeful that I can go forward and use my new found confidence to continue on this path of positivity! 
I would definitely work with April again, she’s brilliant at what she does! I would recommend her to anyone, even if you think you have no concerns, everyone can benefit from an April in their life!” – Erica

“Twelve weeks ago I was dealing with so many issues; I was recovering fro pneumonia, had been off work for a few months and was feeling incredibly weak both physically and mentally. I felt that my future was bleak and at my lowest point just couldn’t see any point in carrying on! Formally having been an incredibly energetic person, full of life etc it came as such a shock to become the person who couldn’t walk along the sea front, in fact couldn’t go around the supermarket without holding on to the trolley. I became that person who friends visited and sat there whilst they told me about their lives. 
I knew I needed help but have never been very good at asking for it and didn’t know where to turn…….. Then I found April! 
April has supported me over the last few weeks in so many ways. We have met once a week and slowly has supported me in finding out what I need to help with my recovery. She has opened my eyes to so many things… Meditation, Journalling, Breathing techniques, Nutritional guidance, and most of all believing in myself and that I am worth bothering about! 
I have introduced Meditation into my day as a form of relaxation and also journalling as a way of clearing my mind to help with my sleep. 
I have started a yoga class (run by April) and thoroughly enjoy. I look in the mirror everyday and tell myself “I am beautiful!”… And I’m beginning to believe it! I don’t weigh myself as often. 
I would most certainly seek April’s help should the need arise! She has most certainly lived up to her name and brought back “Joy ” into my life and I cannot thank her enough!” – Lesley

Program Breakdown

I created this program specifically for women who want to break free from the diet cycle and focus on the important things in life. I’ve drawn from all aspects of my training as a health coach, yoga teacher and personal trainer, as well as my own personal experience, to create a fun, in-depth, transformational program to take you from feeling lost and stuck, to clear and confident!

Week One: Get inspired

Discover your ‘why’, learn about yourself and start overcoming your limiting beliefs.

Week Two: Shift your mindset

Get started with the deep inner work needed to transform your mindset for life.

Week Three: Intuitive Eating

Learn how to get in tune with your body, nourish your body and soul, banish guilt and shame over food and discover the secret to never needing to diet again!

Week Four: Mindfulness

Take some time to slow down, decode your cravings, stop binges and deal with negative emotions

Week Five: Gratitude

As well as taking some time to reflect on your progress so far, this week we also look into cultivating gratitude

Week Six: Joyful Movement

Put an end to slogging it out in the gym or dreading your workouts and learn how to move in a way that you love.

Week Seven: Reconnect with yourself

Now that food and dieting is taking up less mental space, start to get to know the real you.

Week Eight: Align with your purpose

Figure out what you truly desire in life, and what your best life looks like to you.

Week Nine: Get real

Time to turn those dreams into reality! Get clear on what actions you need to take to get you moving in the right direction.

Week Ten: Gentle Nutrition

Now that your relationship with food is improving, it’s time to talk about what nourishing your body actually looks like!

Week Eleven: Raise your vibrations

Take a look at the bigger picture and learn how to bring a little joy and magic into everyday life!

Week Twelve: Celebrate!

Reflect on your accomplishments and recap the important tools you’ve learned throughout the program so that you can continue on your vibrant new path into the future!

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